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This is a list of articles relating to Ruby that are known to be available on the Web. They are listed in the order in whch they were added to the site, so please do not assume that articles listed first are better or worse than articles towards the bottom. It just (or should, at least) makes it easier to see what's new.
Sat, 09 Nov 2002

Ruby and VBA for Web Dictionary Searches
Article by James Britt showing one way to use Ruby with Microsoft Word. August 2002. Offsite
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Stream Parsing with REXML
<RubyXML/> article, December 2001. Offsite[]
Posted at 19:15 [# ]

MySQL & Ruby Electric XML
<RubyXML/> article, October 2001. Offsite
Posted at 19:15 [# ]

An Introduction to Ruby
O'Reilly article by Colin Steele, 10/25/2001. Offsite
Posted at 19:15 [# ]

Introduction to Ruby
Jim Menard's introduction to Ruby, July 10, 2001. Offsite
Posted at 19:15 [# ]

Why You Might Want to Try Ruby
Article for Freshmeat by Phil Tomson, author of TaskMaster. Offsite
Posted at 19:15 [# ]

A comparison between BETA, C++, Eiffel, Java, Object Pascal, Ruby und Smalltalk
Feature comparison of assorted OO langauges. Offsite
Posted at 19:15 [# ]

Dr. Dobbs: Programming in Ruby
Dr. Dobb's Journal, January 2001, by By Dave Thomas and Andy Hunt, authors of Programming Ruby. Offsite
Posted at 19:15 [# ]

Matz's Presentation in Paris
A presentation given by Matz to an OpenSource conference in France. February, 2001. Offsite
Posted at 19:15 [# ]

Features of Ruby
by Michael Neumann, coauthor of Ruby Developer's Guide. Offsite
Posted at 19:15 [# ]

Comparing and Introducing Ruby
Paper by by Michael Neumann (coauthor of Ruby Developer's Guide), available as PDF, ps, and Tex. Offsite
Posted at 19:15 [# ]

Developing GUIs with FOX and Ruby
Using the FXRuby to build FOX GUIs in Ruby. Offsite
Posted at 19:15 [# ]

Ruby: a new language
IBM DeveloperWorks article. Offsite
Posted at 19:15 [# ]

Programming in the Ruby language: Introducing Ruby variables, quotes, arrays, objects, and methods
Another IBM DeveloperWorks article. Offsite
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